Club Handbook

Alumni Club
Alumni clubs are geographically-based groups of Ohio State alumni, supporters and friends; these groups exist to promote the university through communications, community relations, student recruitment, fellowship and networking. This handbook is a reference for club leaders on how to organize and run a successful alumni club.

Important Dates for Alumni Clubs

Important Dates for Alumni Scholars Program

Important Dates for Student Recruitment 

Important Checklist for Club Treasurers



Request a list of alumni in my area?

Alumni clubs are entitled to an annual listing of alumni in the area. Lists are available in electronic, hard copy and/or label format. To request your list complete and return a Club List Release Form.

Contact Leslie Smith at with additional questions.


Conduct an interest survey?

Whether your club is organizing or branching out with new programs, it is important to know something about the alumni in your area. We suggest periodic surveys. Consider questions about possible programs, volunteer interests, and talents. Limit the survey to five questions and encourage additional comments. Surveys can be conducted at meetings, through a mailing, via your listserv or using on-line service like Zoomerang or Survey Monkey.


Recruit members?

There are many creative ways to market your group.

  • Hold a kick-off event and distribute membership applications. 
    Example of Events
  • Create a member-pricing level for your events. Add examples
  • Start a Web site and use PayPal or a similar service to collect membership dues.
  • Ask current members to participate in a membership-recruitment contest. Examples: a job board to market openings within the membership; offer company advertising space on the Web site and in print materials.


Recruit volunteers?

Relationships are key in recruiting and retaining volunteers. Get to know your members and personally ask them to become volunteers. Find out what contribution a volunteer wishes to make and match their skills and interests to tasks. Create opportunities for volunteers to make meaningful contributions like supporting a worthwhile cause.

  • Clearly define volunteer leadership roles and projects.
  • Involve as many individuals as possible; encourage collaboration.
  • Volunteers bring different opinions be flexible and willing to try something new.
  • Acknowledge volunteer contributions through awards recognition and a simple ‘thank you’.
  • Be realistic about what you have the time and ability to do.
  • Delegate tasks.
  • Set attainable goals each year.
  • Celebrate with the membership once goals have been accomplished.
  • Assign a facilitator to make sure business meetings follow an agenda. Try to keep meetings to an hour.

Organize my board?

Appoint at least 4 members to your board. One must be president/primary contact for the group and one must be treasurer.

  • Try to diversify your officers in regards to age, gender and interests.
  • Be clear with board members in regards to time commitment.
  • Develop board/officer descriptions to help match board members with positions that highlight their skills.
  • Be sure to have a succession plan in place.

Provide the association on an annual basis with an updated list of officers and a club roster?

E-mail Susan Long and Kimberly Lowe with the results of your election.

Club Roster Template 
(NOTE:  To avoid error messages, please save template to your computer prior to opening file)


Get chartered?

In order to receive a charter your group must:

  • Have a full board of officers (minimum of four)
  • Submit a constitution to the OSUAA board for approval