Ticket Lottery Donations

Brutus with Block O flag

Applying for the football ticket lottery also gives you the opportunity to make a donation to your Alumni Association.

After you view your invoice summary when registering for the ticket lottery, you will be directed to a page that includes Invoice Details, Donations, and Special Requests. At this page you can make a donation by entering an amount in the field to the right of the words "Donation to the Alumni Association." in the Donations area.

Making a donation of $75 or more during the lottery process essentially renews your Sustaining Membership and will make you eligible for that following year's lottery.

However, making a donation to the Alumni Association does not improve your chances of receiving tickets in the lottery.

Your donation amount will be immediately deducted from your credit card, but your card will not be charged for game tickets until it is determined if you've been awarded game tickets.